Almost since we started, Radiance Production has been involved working alongside schools and further education institutions helping to produce shows that exceed expectations.


More recently this has led us in to consulting on and in some cases providing installation services from simple to complex.


The case studies below will tell you about just some of the work we’ve done, and hopefully you’ll want to get in touch with your own requirements.

Lady Eleanor Holles Prize Day

We’ve worked alongside the Drama Department at LEHS for a number of years assisting  with the technical elements of the shows in their two drama spaces.


For the first time in 2019, we worked alongside both the drama and facilities teams with an event that was also a first for the school –A prize giving for the upper school in a temporary structure out on the schools playing field.

Working alongside the marquee supplier who provided the structure and lighting, we provided two LED walls, along with an image processing and control package so that the action on stage was visible to all present.


Ensuring the sound was just as good as the video we also provided a number of our D&B speakers which overcame the difficult acoustic environment to ensure that every word and note was crystal clear to all those attending.

Latymer Upper School Installations

Working alongside Autograph, Showsound, and A Star project management we provided upgrades to three of Latymer’s multi use spaces.


In the dance and drama studio we removed under utilized electric chain hoists and replaced them with a mix of fixed points and manual chain hoists.


In the School’s main theatre, we replaced dimmers racks commissioned when the building was constructed with new ETC Coloursource racks to future proof the space. We also provided new hoist control for the electric chain hoists that were re-purposed from the drama studio so that the school’s main acting space has lighting bars accessible to all.


Another technology upgrade in the theatre saw us provide a mixture of Martin Quantum and Aura moving lights to increase the versatility of the schools lighting system as well as servicing their existing Vari-Lites to ensure they continue to provide years of service.


The schools main hall however had arguably the largest improvement. A versatile space used for everything from assemblies to piano recitals that had been temporarily used as a library and needed a refresh. New houselights from GDS (the third space at Latymer to have them installed), Stage lighting from ETC (Coloursource LED units), highlights to the roof and pinspots (remotely focus-able units from RC lighting) created a variety that will ensure that the main hall is fit for whatever is thrown at it. The use of LED technology throughout (including dimmable lamps in the existing chandeliers) means that reliability is foremost in this busy room where downtime is minimal.


Project Manager Tim Lynn from Showsound
‘Showsound Limited has worked on several projects with Radiance Production, including permanent installations and design, most recently (but not only) at Latymer Upper School in West London.
Radiance create designs that are both innovative, utilising the latest technology, and functional, so that the end-product is both user-friendly and future-proofed. Their attention to detail is excellent, and their communication during all stages of the process, from initial design to final hand-over and staff training and support is exemplary. Showsound Limited is happy to recommend Radiance Production as a first class design and production company.’

Willington School

For the last few years we have supported the Willington School on two events per anum. 


Coming mid term we provide them with the hire and installation of a compact but high quality lighting and sound system which they use for their school show. This year the lighting system was based around Selecon Acclaim fresnels and ETC Source Four profiles, with effects provided using one of our Martin Atomic Strobes. Audio has been D&B, with Yamaha Control and Sennheiser Radios microphones since we began our involvement with the school and this year we provided the school with one of our QL1’s instead of the LS9 as used in previous years.


The second event we are involved with is the schools prize day, taking place in Wimbledon theatre at the end of the summer term. For this event we supply an engineer and audio control package to supplement the PA owned by the theatre. The most challenging element of the prize day is the short timescale of the event with the show being delivered, installed, rehearsed, performed and loaded out all within less than 12 hours.